Located in Wellington, New Zealand we offer Filipino specialty bread such as Pandesal, Ensaymada, Pandecoco and more. We also offer catering specialising in Filipino cuisine. 

Tibiao NZ delivers an authentic taste of the Philippines while also offering the taste to the wider New Zealand.

Sonny and Nieva Lim, the husband
and wife team of Tibiao NZ have served the New Zealand community for 20+ years with their delicious specialty Filipino bread and all-time favourite dishes like pork barbeque, a full lechon, palabok, lechon paskiw, sisig and more.

Sonny Lim comes from a family of bakers and they have a well established bakery business in Tibiao, Antique.

Tibiao Bakery Inc (since 1953) is Sonny’s family
business that brought the taste of fine breads as well as the
name of the town Tibiao to many homes. It has nationwide
clientele in the Philippines. It is a landmark in Iloilo.

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